Harvest the Pull of the Earth’s Gravity into a form of continuous and neverending Energy…

Just an Idea…Kind of like Windmills that suck up the pull of gravity energy and laser it down to receptors dishes/storage batteries,  like they do with microwaves now…after all, barring catastrope gravity will always be there. And as long as we’re at it make energy free. Period. nobody freezes to death on our watch.  Harvest the energy of gravity…no pollution…no miners dying in cave in’s and the lights stay on as long as the stars stay in the sky.

the force of keeping something in it’s place. The pull  of gravity acts as a umbilical cord of strength to hold that planet or device in place.

** And I’m convinced it wasn’t an apple that fell on Newton…I’ll bet it was bird poo and he said “Why is it always me!” and looked at his shoulder and shouted “Eureka!”,  shit happens! It isn’ always about me…and that is where the law of gravity came from…bird poo.

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