Great Snowy Photos, Ice Fishing anyone?

Fantastic memories of Life as it was in rural Minnesota in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Photographs of Minnesota’s intrepid Ice Fisherpeople….heeheehee 


Don’t scare the fish…as if hauling a house out onto the Lake didn’t do it already… 


Team Work…how many Minnesotans does it take to …wait, maybe someone should just drive the car? 


Could be the sign is right? 



Kind of a cool setup. Everyone has their own fishing hole and there’s a table for drinking , cards and tall tales and a little stove for… hamburgers???!!…But neat setup. I still can’t think of 3 people I’d like to be sitting 4 hours on the Ice with. Must be me or my crowded childhood. I’d do a drive by but with my luck I’d go through the ice. 


Lets hope he’s checking out a fish and not suspended in some serious second thoughts on how far away the shore is… 


O.K. It would just never ever occur to me to apply a car’s battery in this fashion. Ever! 


Never in her wildest dreams did she think he was serious…that or she doesn’t know Minnesota in the winter. Painful just to see huddling there. Man, he should have gotten her inside. 


Not on your life…. 


But they do look like they had a riot! 

Thanks to Google source : Life Archive

2 responses to “Great Snowy Photos, Ice Fishing anyone?

  1. Wow, that young woman towards the end of the pictures, she really must have wanted to be with that guy. You can see the commitment on her face, she is going to get through this icy test and win him over. It’s hilarious because we ladies do this kind of thing all the time.

    • Sad but true. It takes a lot of sitting through totally boring stuff to get to the trusted partner position in that persons life, 1st you have to take them as they are and realized you have a complete person in front of you. Not a work in progress for you to supervise. But after you do and they take you seriously you’ll find you do a lot less hanging around like this but they come to orbit you because you become their home, their center and I think that’s what real love is anyway…always being that person true north. The place where they’re safe at home. That and a healthy dose of passion to show that you adore them always…it’s a wonderful life.

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