Rain on a Metal Roof = It’s what fish hear when snows over water…

** It seems that when a snowflake hits the water a bubble of air is trapped just beneath the surface that vibrates in a screech that at 50-200 kilohertz that humans can’t hear but to some sea life is like rain on a metal roof. Falling Snow blocks out sonar scans used for fish studies, or did so until scientists figured out how to block out the noise of snow falling on the surface of the water. Kind of weird to think of the surface of the water as somebody elses roof, you know?

I tumbled across this fun fact when perusing the National Geographic of July 2001. That’s what I love about National Geographic, the little arcane facts that it puts into my head that float around like that snow on water leaving all kind of weird vibrations causing all kinds of connections and assumptions in its wake. Like, what else can’t we hear or see. Good Lord, there’s a whole Universe of things happening right before our eyes that we can’t even see.


and sound waves and microwaves and radio waves and light waves and fractels and air currents and waves big and small that make up our entire universe and all we see around us just moving at a rate of speed our eyes can capture, or not in which case we set up cameras. But really, you can’t possibly believe that your even getting half the picture. So good work just getting through another day realizing you’ll never get it all and living with that fun fact. It’s ok to be curious and it’s ok not to have all the answers, you were never supposed to. You are only here to love and be loved. If you’ve done that sucessfully, you’ve already created all the miracles you ever need to see.

This seems to be a kind of common theme with me. Like my hero, Alfred E. Newman…”What me worry?” I think not, after all they’re just waves… they come and go. And I’m sure whatever wave takes out this image you percieve as your body cannot take out what’s created it all. After all what did the big guy say?….”I am”…and we’re all just pieces of that, some large and some really tiny! Enough said.

As always, many thanks to Google source : Life Archive

4 responses to “Rain on a Metal Roof = It’s what fish hear when snows over water…

  1. Sometimes when I look at things, now, I don’t just see trees pushing toward the sky. I see that it is all matter. The sky no longer looks like a solid thing.
    -Quail, The Dustlet (tmkett.wordpr…)

    • Could be your soul is the only real part of you anyway… After all, it’s the only part we can’t see with our eyes but feel consistently with our hearts, like the wind on your skin. You can’t see it but it can take you to your knees anyway.

      Thanks for your explanation of how you view the world. It seems right somehow, more than right.


  2. Fascinating.

    • I just love fun facts that make you look at the rest of the world with wonder, like…what aren’t we getting? I suspect that life on this old earth is a lot simpler than we make it. And that we act at terrifc entertainment for all the other species.

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