Lost among the Harvest and Lunchtime Photographs…

Once again Google Life Archives finest, first “Lunch” photographs…

Ya gotta love those Cat’s eye glasses and the delicate hand maneuvers , I mean come on…it’s a lunch counter. 


John Foster Dulles with his apple, salad and Cottage Cheese.


Harvest Hands eating lunch.

The Old Boys Club. Now watch where and how you’ll see women in these Photographs.

Lunch hour NYC circa 1954


And now Harvest …

I can remember late, late one fall night traveling back to Port Clinton, Ohio from visiting my daughter at Bowling Green University and coming along state route 105 which clings to the Portage river all the way to Bowling Green on one side with vast fields on the other side and in between little farming towns along that route. Rocky Ridge, Clyde, Woodville, Pemberville, Oak Harbor…It was totally black when all the sudden on a little stretch of it all the sudden I heard a noise to my left and I looked and there in the fields lumbered a huge harvester, with lights ablaze reaping long after the sun had set but in a hurry to get the crops in before the fall rains came. It just seemed so scary. Maybe its the Mrs. Brisby (the rats of N.I.H.M.)  in me but I couldn’t help but be shook by the sound (like a dinosaur) and the blazing light that thing set upon the field. All by itself out there in the dark changing the face of the field.  I think I made it home in half the time. Harvest Home, you know…blast that Stephen King!

*Photographs are courtesy of Google Life Archives. And thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “Lost among the Harvest and Lunchtime Photographs…

  1. You never told me that story about the harvester on the road home – how creepy! Do you mean Mrs. Brisby from the Rats of N.I.M.H.? What a great story that was – and a perfect comparison. I always feel so tiny when I see those giant machines in fields alongside the road.

    • There were a lot of neat episodes coming out and back from Bowling Green to see you and your brother. That’s why I love that SR OH 105. Wonderful little towns and beautiful scenery to clock the seasons going by. I just loved that route to BG. And yes the reference is to Mrs. Brisby…thanks for the corrections I’ll fix the piece. But that feeling you get on those country roads late in the Autumn is not at all far from a wicked cross between Stephen King’s Autumn and the whimsy of Disney’s “the rats of N.I.H.M.” Harvest time, late October and early November, I just love these times of year.

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