The Neighborhood Sights…

neighborhood sights and streetcar tracks on Clifton lawns…

  Detroit Avenue and West 117th Street

Fanny Farmers…

11794-11812 Detroit Avenue

The Homestead Theater…

11706 Clifton Boulevard - Clark's Yorktown Restaurant

Clark’s where every special occasion was celebrated with a dip into their Treasure Chest of toys…


And Cavoli’s…

West 112 St and Detroit Ave

W 112th and Detroit long before my sister-in-law grew up there. Circa 1922

Clifton Boulevard

Clifton Boulevard in 1941 Lakewood before it was widened and the Streetcar lines were removed ( before my time but interesting!!)

Clifton Boulevard  - new streetcar line

Clifton Boulevard in 1902 when they were just putting down the new Streetcar lines.

Clifton Boulevard and Brockley Avenue

Streetcar at Clifton and Brockley 1937

12000 Clifton Boulevard

12000 Clifton Blvd. Lakewood 1926 Streetcar lines and houses in place the trees that were placed in 1902 are now 24 years old and now are towering over these houses the trolly line long gone.

  Clifton Boulevard - Lake Shore Electric Interurban

Clifton Boulevard - Streetcar

Clifton Boulevard and Ethel Avenue

Clifton at Ethel in Lakewood, Ohio 1947

Photo’s courtesy of part of the Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library Special Collections.

2 responses to “The Neighborhood Sights…

  1. Really cool pictures, Ma.

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