A Remote on the Run…

I can remember standing in the attic of that big old house on Clifton with Dad looking around at the accumulation of 40 years of marriage and nine children and he had such a look of being overwhelmed on his face. Then  he said ” You know, your Mother and I eloped. We had nothing… now… I just want a match.”  I couldn’t help but laugh. He said, “Never worry that you won’t aquire enough in this life, I mean look around at this…”

What prompted this memory was a present day search for a stray remote for a  T.V. that had been gifted on us by a neighbor. But then the world went digital we lost transmission.  So we gave away the T.V. but we couldn’t find the damn remote. It’s gone on the run with all the other wild remotes of the world. I suspect someday a tsunami of remotes. A “Revenge of the Remotes” at humans for using them as tiny punching bags over the years…tossing them and punching them and poking them for years. I think that if machines ever do turn on us, it’ll be the remotes that lead the charge. Perhaps they already are…when was the last time you could find yours right offhand ? And when you did… did it cooperate…hmmmm. Enough said.

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