Facial bleach and some hair color…call me Evita Arden, I dare ya

Somewhere behind all the doors of America a revolution is taking place and I’m missing it. I went in search of some “Sally Hanson’s” facial bleach to remedy a little problem that has people addressing me as “Sir” with my newly missing hormones and short hair. Well off I went to Wal-Mart and they didn’t have it so off to the local pharmacy, “Green’s Pharmacy” in Port Clinton, Ohio where they were kind enough to order it for me. At one point the cashier explained I could just use wax to remove the offensive mustache. At which point I said, “Well then you can call me Clyde,” because I really wasn’t looking for any pain I just wanted to go home and color my hair and bleach my face and munch of some chocolate covered peanuts while I pondered the reversals of my body’s color’s while perusing the Three Stooges in action. I had my afternoon planned. Pain was not included. Just lots of laughter and a simple rearrangement of Colors on my head. 


So I asked the Pharmacist, a nice guy what’s the story, people haven’t changed right? So what’s a woman to do now? I explained I hadn’t seen a hoard of hirsute women during my travels around the county so what gives? It’s a puzzeller!!! Anyway all went well with the Beauty Session and my colors are correctly rearranged now so that only at a distance do people refer to me as “Sir” now. Much better…I thought the neighbors knew me better!

photographs courtesy of Google Life Archive.

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