Wedding Photos, dresses and receptions of the famous…

He is quoted as saying, “My father was frightened of his Mother : I was frightened of my Father, and I am damned well going to see to it that my children are frightened of me. He and this woman, Mary of Teck (who had been engaged to his elder dead brother) had a child named John that they hid away because he had epilepsy. She had a penchant for showing up at other people’s houses and telling them how much she liked certain things or pretty jewelery they might be wearing and then because she was Queen she expected to be gifted with them. What a life, When the Queen would come by for a visit you’d have to hide the silver.

This is also the lovely couple that did nothing to help their relatives the Romanovs when they were overthrown in Russia, they didn’t want to put their own throne at risk. And cousins Alexei and Alex and their children were shot to death in a basement. What a horrible world. I used to wish I could travel back in time but when I get a dose of reality as to just how horrible these people were I think not.

It wasn’t wonderful and it wasn’t romantic it was just like today. People don’t change. Some are perfectly awful, these two just happen to live in a Palace.


And boy, did her grand daughter Margaret Rose ever look like her!

This is the Father George V was so afraid of, Edward, who was terrified of his Mamacita Queen Victoria, who also predicted mean things about her own son Edward, it just runs in that family. The sweet bride is Alexandra of Denmark who grew up poor and was for all intents and purposes one of the best things that ever happened to the royal family.


Victoria’s wedding dress.

I had to throw this in because I just love the neckline!

ROM WEDD Dresses, Etc. Wedding Chests

A matter of taste…I think circa 1890’s.



1960…she can run… but she sure can’t hide in that thing.

Joan Fontaine

Bogart and Bacall in Mansfield, Ohio at Louis Bromfield’s “Malabar Farm”.


It was a gown picked out by her mother and she really didn’t like it all that much. In the end it was just getting through it, like all other young girls.

I just love this picture. There’s one Great Aunt keeping track of every little thing at every single big white wedding I’ve ever been to. It looks like John and Jackie Kennedy had the same lady. I love it! I just love that the little girl is sizing up the old girl…like “So, this is how you look down your nose at everybody!”

Hammersmith Farm, where the reception was held. You could get lost in there I’m sure…

Wedding dress circa 1947

I swear, “Turkey Feather Wedding”….hmmm

I believe the dinner was …

I must have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” too soon, because to this day birds frighten me. I’d never be able to make it through this blizzard of feathers.

Hands down, THE worst bridesmaid dress EVER…turkey feathers!

I had to put this in…the entire thing frightens me. ..Quickly now back to weddings…

Jimmy Stewart’s wedding…is this great or what…look at that slow smile he’s got going…

What a beautiful Bride , and what a great gown.


Photographs courtesy of Google source: Life Archive

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