Lady Diana’s Parents Wedding and Reception…

John Spencer and Frances Roche, Diana’s Parents Wedding Photo

Arriving at St. James Palace for their wedding reception (nice hall if you can get it!).

The Queen Mum conferring with part of the wedding party with Maggie Rose holding the door looking a little put out, and Good Queen Liz waiting for her Mamacita…

I just don’t get it about Margaret Rose…what a pickle face! Now here’s a scary thought…what if Margaret Rose had married Richard Nixon…can you just imagine how sneaky those kids would look

The bride and her Papa. The only really BIG smile by the bride was walking with her Dad going in.


Lord John and his intended Franny Roche accept a traditional gift from Tenants at his Ancestral home Althorp during his pre-wedding rituals. 1954 . Yipes, I’m so glad to be American. It’s totally bizarre… Talk about “Entitlement” and a society classed by the accident of birth. A person should make it on their own merits. It should be illegal to “inherit” dues, respect or dignity. They should be honors that can be earned only. I dare say a goodly number of those waiting to gift “Hizzonor” have much more real life experience than “those to the Manor born”.   


Greeting line at reception in St. James Palace.

I like the dress, but she looks so sad.

Photographs courtesy of Google source : Life Archive

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