Men with triple EEE’s who walk on them like little cat feet…..

As a rule, most of the truly fabulous Men in my life have had huge wide duck feet that they move upon so softly you would think they were 100% tracker. They are. My Husband, my Son, my Dad and even my beloved nephew, Patrick. All extra wide treads with the ability to walk and live comfortably in a pretty silent world. Most of them Constant Readers with a real appreciation for quiet. What bought about this line of thinking ,  was a midnight search for my beloved. There have been times that I have left our bedroom and looked into the odd corners of our tiny little apartment and been unable to locate that silent man. Only to find him silently sleeping Quilts pulled up over his head ( I keep that bedroom damn near sub-zero). So between his just trying to find and maintain a warm spot in that bed and my barn sized fan blowing away on my side of the bed it’s possible he’s simply choosing the survival mode of the Eskimos, hunkering down and wrapped up tight against my endless relief from Hot flashes. The man’s a saint. And a very quiet one.

And He’s built so life can’t knock him over.

But what put me to thinking about this was tonight, when I woke for my umpteenth run to the bathroom he was not in the bed next to me. I’ve learned to look more closely now to make sure. But this time he was just like our Kate, sitting at the computer keyboard playing away at his solitaire game, happy and quiet as a lamb. So I came out to join him and realized looking at this quiet man just how all the greats in my life have had this same stoic dead-pan humor and silent way about them. 

I think of all those cartoon characters Men with huge shoulders and teeny tiny feet that walk with a pounce and a bounce in their little toes….bip, bip, bip you can almost hear the background music from the “Pink Panther”… doot-ta-doot…daa-dut-dut-dut, daa-daaaaaa….

All my favorite men have walked and slept softly. Not a sound among them and these are some sizeable guys ( my Pat and my Dad, my Son) to name a couple they all are pretty stealthy movers. And it turns out terrific shock absorbers when life throws you a curve, give me the guys with good solid wide feet who walks softly, say little and most of the time what they do say makes you laugh out loud. 

 These are men worth their weight in gold, these stoic souls with their dry humor and eternal strength. Built to last. So the next time you notice a little baby with good sturdy duck feet, kiss them and count your lucky stars. 

I do.

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