The Rauckhorst Family…

This is an Easter Portrait of the Rauckhorst Family of Geneva, circa the Wonder Years,  about 1962 (?). This is my Mother’s sister Anna and her beloved Ed’s tribe of amazing individuals. The Rauckhorst Family, they’re like the opposite of the Grinch Family …they have hearts 6 X bigger than their bodies.They are Titans my cousins Pat, Tommy, Jim, Eddie Joe, Nancy, Dan, Mary, Judy and Sue .

These souls can pack more laughter and love into one statement with a raised eyebrow than either Charlie Chaplin or Robin Williams ever could. And I love them dearly.One of the things that I remember best about those trips to Geneva was how they teased each other and the ensuing laughter , as the wit escalated but not meanness .  My Uncle Ed was a newspaperman and I can still see him sitting at the end of the dining room table, with a huge newspaper  held up in front of him, reading away and smoking his cigar with that hat tilted back. My Aunt Anna organized and motivated the kids and the kids just making me laugh so by teasing each other and commenting on the world as it seemed to them. What can you expect from a bunch of brainy, happy kids with a Mom whose deadpan wit and comments made that wonderful Ed Rauckhorst fall in love with her and a Dad whose very presence taught them the art of Editing life as you go so you can see the best of it. And they just do, and I just love them because when I think of them I think of laughter and comfort and family. They make it a practice to make the world a much better place by choice, and I bless them for it. Always.

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