Family Close-Ups…my fascination with family portraits…

I was roaming among the family pictures last night and took to pulling them up in the edit mode and looking closer at my ancestors and was fascinated with both the mysteries I found and the faces that were uncovered by pulling in close to those old photographs. All thanks to my beloved cousin Sue Rauckhorst Tucker thoughtfulness in organizing and recording all these Photographs for the family. She truly is an amazing soul, and here’s the proof. If any of you guys in the family have any explanations for some of these I’d love to hear the stories behind them.  

Here goes…  


Franklin  Kasson Knapp, our miner 49’er who took a chance and went to the California Gold Rush (twice!) and was able to come back with enough money to buy 4 parcels of land he could stitch together and start a farm on the site of the old Bartholomew place in Ashtabula County just south of Geneva in Harpersfield Township. He was married to Roxanna Lloyd and was the father on my Great Grandmother Ella Mae Knapp Brown.   He was born September 3, 1829 and died May 10, 1888. Here’s a picture of his grave at Mt. Pleasant cemetery in Geneva Ohio   




Here’s my Maternal Great Grandparents..Will McCombs Brown and Franklin Knapp’s youngest daughter my Great Grandmother Ella May Knapp Brown . This was their wedding Photograph. I’m always startled as to how dark her hair and eyes were compared to her new husbands. My mother was raised by these two when they were old, after her parents split up when she was 3 years old and she always said he had the coldest eyes she’d ever seen on a man, icy blue. He was a pharmacist and Farmer in Geneva and Harpersfield Township. Ella was the tiny thing that ran that world, the farm they lived on had been inherited from her Father and she ran it. Here both gravestones at Mt. Pleasant, and Their son Edward Congdon Brown was my Maternal Grandfather, and a kinder man never lived according to my Dad.  

I never realized until now just how much my Granddad Ed Brown looked like my nephew Ryan. My Grandad had passed away just before I was born. But my Mother adored her father so it’s no surprise then that Mommy had such a soft spot for Ry.He looked just like her Dad.  


Life on the Farm . My poor Grandma Nell. I see her clutching my Granddad and Ed and I can’t help but think she’s on her last nerve with living with her in-laws. G.B. doesn’t look to thrilled either.  


Now I don’t know anything about this face surgery operation, I thought it was my Granddad that had the surgery at the Cleveland Clinic for his sinuses, not Nell (Winifred Dougherty Brown) aka Nell Karnes. All I know is she went from a pretty happy soul to this. Here’s a darling picture of Ed Brown and Nell (Winifred) Dougherty before they married.  


But those real life adventures got them. And she ended up leaving the hell that was living with her In-Laws Ella and Will on the farm. But that little 85 pound woman left a huge hole in the lives of each of her 4 children when she opted out. My mother was the youngest at 3 and was kept on the farm with those two old people and raised like an only unwanted child and told her Mother didn’t love her. Her brothers were sent to live with their Maternal Grandmother Myrtle DuBois Dougherty who had a boarding house on Van Epps Ave in Geneva and lived with her Mother also Urena Ticknor Babcock.  

But I’m getting bushed and I just wanted to show you guys how different these pictures look if you take the time to edit them you’ll see things you never noticed before. Like this, I always knew my sister Therese looked just like my Mom, but these pic’s really show it.  


It’s just amazing. You guys have a great day and thanks for stopping by.  

Photographs courtesy of Sue Rauckhorst Tucker  (the best organizer in the world!)

7 responses to “Family Close-Ups…my fascination with family portraits…

  1. I think I see some similarity to the Buskirk boys…I especially see Jame’s eyes!

  2. We also so must credit Earl for all the hours of scanning family pictures into our computer. Without him they would still be in a box somewhere. Thanks for putting them here so we all can remember these wonderful people that touched our lives. Also, I found Nell’s picture and on the back someone wrote Nell – sick, face operation 1923 Auntie Aickin’s Cleveland Thanks again

  3. Credit Earl for all the hours of scanning family pictures…without him they would still be in a box somewhere

    • Dear Sue,

      You’re just so right…it was Earl that did all those hours and hours of scanning the family pictures. I am just so thankful that he did because without his hard work all those memories would have been lost to me and mine. That man’s a wonder in more ways than I can count and He’s been a blessing to this family from the day you two said “I do!”, I am so sorry about not mentioning him in that piece. I hope he can forgive my terrible memory.

      I love you guys and am sorry about the omission, I can even remember thanking Earl at one time for all his work on that disc. He did a fabulous job.
      My apologies for my mistakes, and my many thanks for such a great job on those family pictures!


  4. Sheila you did fine. He is so glad you are enjoying the disc and he knows if you say Sue it means him too. I just didn’t want to take all the credit for the pictures.We both thank you for posting the pictures as we have enjoyed seeing them here on your web site. And I want to tell you I am a regular reader. Thanks again Love You
    Earl & Sue

    • Thanks Sue, It would break my heart if Earl didn’t realize I was meaning him too. When I think� and I think of all the wonderful things you guys have done for all of us I am so amazed. Your more like siblings than cousins.And you and that Earl are just a Dynamic Duo!�Partners in everything, and I love you and really appriciate time and again everytime life has one of us (your cousins) by the neck, there’s a Rauckhorst�cousin riding in to save the day. God Bless and keep you�all!

      love, Sheila�

  5. So enjoyed the pic of the family. Love you all for the great work. Dan

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