The Heart of Comedy…its true laugh at yourself and the world laughs with you…

I went wandering around that fantastic Google Life Archive again and of course found some pictures …

Here’s Danny Kaye in a visit to Soviet Russia in 1963, I can remember reading about him and what a hard worker and perfectionist he was about his own work. What arrested me about this Photograph was his ability to pull those little ones right in. It’s the look on their faces that stopped me. He just had such a power to relax and enthrall. Look at those little faces, they’re just so rapt in their concentration of what he’s saying. I just love it. This ability to bring such trust and focus and smiles to little ones.

Such a Love that man, he knew the power of silly faces and goofy charming adults on children who just so need to laugh at and about adults sometime. He makes it ok to release the laughter not in a demeaning way but in a way that tells that goofball that they are so loved just the way they are, in fact people of all ages fall in love with a soul who can laugh at itself…

Just look at Erma Bombeck or Chris Rock, when these guys tell stories about their lives they leave us in stitches saying, “Yeah, been there done that!” and that’s the key to such love and laughter. Reminding us all children and adults that were all “That Guy”, whether it be Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” or Lucille Ball in “I Love Lucy” or Peter Sellers “Inspector Clouseau”. 


That’s what makes people truly laugh out loud, seeing themselves through accepting eyes that say, “Hey look at that, this guy feels the same way!” Maybe that’s why we all love to laugh. Its  finding out that  everybody from Robin Williams to Queen Elizabeth has an interior dialog. The only difference is Robin knows the Queen’s and the Queen hasn’t a clue about Robin’s…  

Anyway you guys have a great one, and thanks for stopping by.

Photographs courtesy  Google source: Life Archive

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