Limits to our Vision and the “Duh!” Moments of Discovery…

Pattern made by a magnetic field, made visable by iron filings surrounding a rectangular magnet. File under things we can’t see…magnetic fields…

So first we have our limited eyesight that doesn’t see everything that affects us, then we have our own little concept of time. This is only OUR concept of it, not necessarily they way it really is.

Six hour exposure of Northern Sky from Mt. Palomar Observatory. File under things WE’RE moving to quick to see (without proper equipment. Camera, telescope etc.)

I was reading a tidbit I found in a magazine I purchased for 10 cents at a Library book sale, August 2008 “Scientific American” and I was struck by how our poor vision limits our abilities to discover things. The tidbit, placed in the “In Brief” column stated that Scientists happened to notice a star that flashed ultraviolet before it exploded. The article stated that the finding of these ultraviolet light emissions represents the earliest visible sign of a supernova. The notice of the ultraviolet light came after scientists were trying to witness for the first time the x-rays that are released when the shock wave actually explodes the star.

Can we see ultra violet light?

The concept that scientists  finally noticed ( with the proper equipment)  what has been going on forever, put me in a pensive state to wonder if perhaps we don’t miss most things counting on our eyes alone.

 I think of what the world thought of the greats,   like Einstein and Newton and great musicians, people who saw with their minds instead of their eyes. I think maybe that ability to ponder and wonder is so much more important than simple sight. It’s colossally important to developing concepts and connections within the brain. To see with our whole vision, both mental and physical. People forget the Mental Vision is far more important. We get overwhelmed by the Physical holding it to be vastly superior to the mental. It’s a mistake akin to mistaking a beautiful thing for an important or profound thing. The beautiful thing will change your life for a moment. The profound or important thing will change your world forever.

Thanks for stopping. Remember, you’re not getting the half of it so if you make a few mistakes…its o.k.!

Photographs courtesy Google source: Life Archive

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