It’s a place that only appears once in a lifetime for some…

It’s called “Camp Runinmuck” and it’s really a lovely cross between Cheers and Brigadoon. It’s a place where everybody knows your name but like Brigadoon it only appears at certain times in your life , unless you’re really lucky. But during  those very special times, memories are made and lives changed. This is where friends and families gather in the late summer sunshine to hold onto that last golden ray of light and laughter that constitute the best memories and times of our lives.  That’s Camp Runinmuck out here in the northwest corner of Ohio, right across from the Lake Erie Islands.

This line of thinking got started because I found myself following a car that was really going slow out here on our country roads when they put their turn signal on and turned onto the long shady drive for Camp Runimuck, and I couldn’t help but think, “lucky soul”, they had been searching for that sign and that’s why they had been moving so slow. Well they  found it and I know what else he’ll find as he moves up that long drive, he’ll find laughter and friends and families and good times. It’s like a step into a special place thats really a state of mind. It fronts as a completely self-sufficient campground/bar/restaurant up here in vacation land but in reality its really a sort of Brigadoon.

Photographs; property of Camp Runinmuck, The New Generation, Inc.

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