the whole point of toys…

The whole point of toys is to put children into a state of wonder. Not anger, not fear, not hyped up competition… but WONDER…

Juv. Act I. Play Toys. D.L.

The object being there is no, I repeat… NO OBJECT…just having fun. Not gathering points or winning or losing but just playing. And in doing so they will inherently learn the only way a human can, through trial and error with no action being wrong and all being experiences in physics or chemistry or communication ( art or word games, debate etc).


Just joy.

Give them the chance to develop their IMAGINATION. They’ll need it more that any other game or piece of clothing you could ever buy them.

When you give them the tools to imagine and the TIME to wonder and ponder ideas they’ll have their own chest of tools in their heads, and they’ll be able to imagine and be creative their whole live through. Whether its imagining a computer and the internet or star travel or how to make something easier for people to deal with they’ll have had the time to develop their imagination and their fine inventions and creations come from this. The internal eternal ever-expanding IMAGINATION. So protect your little daydreamer and give them plenty of time to imagine with, they’ll do the rest.

And this beautiful Woman is a prime example of what happens when you encourage a child to ponder the ideas of what science can do. It made her dreams come true…and still is. See the article on the amazing and wonderful Mae Jemison!

Have a good one, imagine it a wonderful day and then make it be so. Use your imagination!

Photographs courtesy of Google source: Life Archive

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