Just like my best friends…

File:Urbana Illinois park 20070928 img 2124.jpg

   I love “Cosmos” flowers, all they need is love , water and a little Sun like all my favorite people. Easy as pie. I start them in egg containers with toothpick holes in the bottoms and a little dirt after Valentines Day. Then I plant them Mothers Day, and by the 4th of July I have a rainbow of my Dollar Store flowers surrounding our little house. All different colors…and when I clip a few and bring them inside I pop them into a little sugar-water in a vase and they pull their little heads back up and smile for a week or two. So pretty and so easy. Smiling flowers. So easy. Have a great one.

P.S. cut them down after the first hard frost and they come back in the spring…hard to keep a good flower down.

Photograph courtesy of Dori, Wiki GNU Free Documentation License credited article here  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Urbana_Illinois_park_20070928_img_2124.jpg

One response to “Just like my best friends…

  1. What a wonderful bit this is! I will be seeing cosmos in a special way now.

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