What one Amoeba said to the other Amoeba…

What am I so worried about? We’re all in the soup together!

Perspective, it’s an amazing thing. I was just reading about the “fish soup” that is found in Arctic waters that feed the great whales. These teeny tiny little plankton have no idea what their little lives lead to in the giant food chain called life. But as those whales scoop up millions and millions of those little plankton buggers their entire universes disappear. I was pondering that thought… what if we like the plankton  were just part of some great creatures fish soup? Here I am spending any part of my day worrying about “drones” in the air around us and wars and the government when I’m just a tiny piece of plankton some whales soup. Go figure…

And the best part is, we wouldn’t even know it. Just like germs and bacteria are too tiny for us to see, perhaps our “Whales” are just too large for us to conceive of or see. That limited human vision, don’t you know. I mean back to the light spectrum. We can only spy with our little eye a very small part of the light spectrum. Ergo, our White Whale could be all around us and we would never see it. Good or Bad. So I guess you should just choose to see the good. There’s a 50% chance you’ll be right!

So  much for “being in the soup”! Have a great day today make it so and a glorious fourth, make some super summer memories, get those grandbabies giant bubbles and little pools and just have fun. Right now! And don’t forget to get in there yourself, your grandkids will always remember it and the water is fine.

Photo courtesy of Google source: Life Archive

One response to “What one Amoeba said to the other Amoeba…

  1. You make me want to chase summer and pin it down, just to get a better, longer look at it.

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