Keeper of the Keys

Our memories act in just such a fashion. Each with our own selective memories as “Keeper of the Keys” when it comes to the events and how we remember each other and places. And each collection that a person has is colored by their own personality and the things they need to collect in the fashion they need to remember them by. So that there never is a memory that isn’t directly influenced by you or your feelings just as there won’t be anything in your future that isn’t impacted by the way you view your life. So no matter what your past why not make your future a vision of tremendous love and luck and blessedness by just thinking it so. Ergo it will be. And in turn by merely thinking it you’ll create the very thing you want for yourself and your children the most. Love, Honor, Courage and Faith in yourself and them…it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. As your whole life is. You and only you are the “Keeper of the Keys”, the keys to your own happiness. Just like Dorothy, just have the courage of your convictions and believe and your dreams really can come true. Look at me…I’m living on the Lake, writing children’s Books and dreaming up a Comedy Screenplay called “The Three Wise Women”, what a wonderful life!

You know I loved that bit that Roseanne used to do about finding her husbands stuff…maybe I’ll make one of the Wise Woman like her, cracking up about” no wonder the three Kings couldn’t find the Prince of Peace, they couldn’t find their socks without a map…MEN!

And hey, how’s about an old “Dorothy” like in the Wizard of Oz, who Roseanne has to constantly yank back into reality, that they’re following a bunch of Camel dung not diamonds (or a yellow brick road for that matter!)

Any suggestions for the third Wise Woman? Kind of like a The Golden Girls or the Three Stooges. The rule of Three, don’t you know. Anyway think about it. Who’s on third?

I’m on my way to my swing to look at the Lake and ponder that. 

Anyway you guys have a great day! And remember you’re the Keeper of your OWN keys…nobody else. Keep the good funny ones. 


Pictures courtesy of Google source: Life Archive

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