The Eye of the Beholder…

I was out the other day, I felt well enough to tuck a few flowers into beds in the yard. It was a slog but I feel its important to get into the sunshine whenever you can. A few young pretty girls passed me by as I huffed and puffed my way around the yard. 

After looking my way, such a look of disgust one of these pretty young things passed to her friend. I felt (upon reflection) that that look of disgust that was pasted on her face and transferred to her buddy pretty much wiped out any beauty or prettiness she was shooting for with that lovely summer dress that well cared for tan and those darling shoes. All wiped away to reveal her true self. It’s a fact…you can’t fake grace, you can fake beauty. Millions do it, and it’s a thriving business among the skin-deep. But they’ll never even inhabit the areas of grace and profound beauty I’ve found in my life. They wouldn’t know where to look. You have to step away from the mirror and look to care for someone other than yourself to really see it and then and only then when you’ve truly found it in other people can you see it in yourself.

Look for it in others, and you’ll spend you days filled with joy.


Now you tell me,  in the “Eye of the Beholder”,  isn’t  it just plain as day whose beauty just pours out of these photographs?

Photographs coutesty of Google source Life Archive

7 responses to “The Eye of the Beholder…

  1. How dare anyone throw you a look of disgust!!!

    Pity them…they arent even human…might as well be horned toads.

  2. I am always astounded at how someone can go from lovely to ugly in a mere moment. I can completely picture those girls and their transformation.

    I hope your flowers bloom and bring you much joy!

  3. Great post. I know exactly what you are talking about.

    • Thanks, sometimes I think it’s just a stage of this life because some of these young people just haven’t had the hits to develop the roots of compassion they’ll need. But then again, I think some of them just don’t have that depth and maybe are incapable of growing it. It’s almost as if they aren’t watered with compassion when they’re little they never grow the roots (ability) to give it to others. Thanks again for the comment.


  4. Again, well put. I too addressed this in a blog I wrote after hearing Molly (Bachelor wedding in February) complain about having the “hardest year most people have in their lifetime”. I don’t usually comment on a TV show, but I did this time because it was a real wedding filmed by a TV show. I don’t know if you caught this blog, but here’s a link if you’d like to read it.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed your blog, keep up the writing, it’s wonderful.


  5. This makes me so mad. How DARE those little hussies look at my ma with anything less than respect (and if they know anything about you, WONDER). They probably couldn’t fathom ever having to work in their own garden, with their own hands in the soil. My mother has touched the roots of growing things, from tiny flowers to fragile dreams, young seedlings and new babies. I love that you tend your garden, and I only hope those girls come to realize what a lovely thing it can be.

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