Summit Ave. Lakewood, Ohio a slip in time…

For years I attended summer school and  I would walk up Summit Avenue in Lakewood Ohio past this huge tree that damn near took over the sidewalk.

Summit Avenue - Moses Cleaveland Tree

 And I just daydreamed the rest of my way to school about all the time and things that tree had witnessed and today I stumbled across one of them. I strolled by that tree in 1967 and saw a very tight residential neighborhood . But this is what the tree saw in 1887-97. Eighty years before I passed by daydreaming…

Summit Avenue - John Stanley farm

John Stanley owned 41 acres on the East side of Summit Ave. the huge Tree is on the West side of the street looking this way. Stanley’s property ran all the way down from Detroit to the Lake  on the East side of Summit. This is the Mitchell Family who farmed the land. They raised grapes that they sold at the farmers market on Woodland Ave. in Cleveland. Photograph courtesy of they’re wonderful check them out…this photo is from the Lakewood Historical Society Collection and is Circa 1890’s

P.S. I think it was daydreaming about the likes of these guys that got me into Summer School to begin with…

2 responses to “Summit Ave. Lakewood, Ohio a slip in time…

  1. How very cool that you wrote about the history of a tree. I would love to read a book, a true story, that would chronicle the life of a tree and all it saw. Someone should write a biography of a tree. What a great perspective.

  2. I just walked past that tree tonight! I live on Brockley and it was the first time I walked up Summit…I’ve walked around other streets….just always omitted Summit..but I was drawn by Xmas lights….but that TREE!!! It was so marvelous!! It actually overshadowed (literally and metaphorically) all the christmas trimmings. I had to come home and search it on the web. Thank you for the information! 🙂

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