You can own the internet. You can remove or redirects a word’s usage…

Somebody must own it already because they’re selling off pieces of it. I’d like to see the legal foundation for that blown off the face of the earth!!

Ergo completely directing or censoring the “free, open” Internet. Imagine being the traffic cop for the Internet, you say who goes where when and how…What fabulous propaganda machine tailor-made. I’m still such a baby when it comes to this internet workings. But how can you own a word? How can somebody sell you rights to use a word? They must own the internet.  Here’s a LEGAL point that I would love to have explained to me. 

I recently tumbled across the fact that a giant English Monster ( I can’t use their name or this entry will become part of their collection and be silenced) ,  is busily buying up all the search terms paying out hundreds of millions to cut off bad press on the internet, although they can’t seem to put any ideas or money away for a rainy day but they got the big bucks out there on the net to restrict the public damage. Don’t they know we can all get a view from space and now see the boo boo? Brainiac, not!

But I’m still amazed and feel it’s fundamentally wrong to have ownership of words. Their identity is based on usage, not pieces of silver. They are priceless, open communication versus censored directed propaganda.  

I’m tossing these last (keywords) in so this gets out onto places where the can’t or won’t think to go to censor this plea.

cute, adorable, audacious, funny, safe, babies, mommy, kindergarten, art, flowers, cooking, recipe, strawberries, diet, fathers day, July 4th, independence, hero, home, movie stars, james garner…the best Robert Duval. Good Luck and I hope you find this floating amidst the other “Keywords”, before they flush the bowl.  


Photo courtesy of Google source: Life Archive , article “Thinking Rats”

One response to “You can own the internet. You can remove or redirects a word’s usage…

  1. This is something that I love about you. You speak up.

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