Buskirk Boys…

I wrote this Fathers Day 2008 for the boys, when we found Billy was the perfect bone marrow match for Johnny and Pat for James. And because of that we could have our Johnny a little longer. They are totally wonderful and truly their brother’s keeper, and I love them more than I can ever say…these loves. 

Buskirk Boys

Your brother’s keeper,

you really are your Brothers keeper.

Your eyes are his,

your blood the same.

Through miles and wives and children and passions separate you,

you belong to each other.

All and every one being

the heir and a spare.

The Royals have nothing on you guys.

When it comes to true strengths those Buskirk Boys are unmatched,

Mercy in Bill

Faith in John

Hope in Pat

Love in James

with love and profound respect to Frank & Katie’s boys on Fathers Day 2008

Buskirk Brothers 3

3 responses to “Buskirk Boys…

  1. I remember when that photo was taken and how proud Kate was to display it on her desk at work.

    Mercy, Faith, Hope and Love…you certainly described them well.

    And again you bring a tear or two to my eyes.

    • I’ve got to tell you from that turnout of great buddies and friends at that golf outing these guys are just as loved and respected as their Mamacita…and I’m not suprised…they really are the best!

      Thanks Pat,

  2. They are wonderful guys. I miss that James. I wonder what he’s up to. Next time you talk to Aunt Kate, ask her to tell James that I’ve moved again and he can call me at Dad’s number. Gotta see that guy… been too long.

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