Anne Lamott writes like an Angel…

Nobody could write this stuff without divine insight into the human condition, I swear she is part Angel. Example:

“Half of life is night.”     from  Anne Lamott’s “Imperfect Birds”


The characters are talking about feeling horrible and called it being “in the Near Room”, Lamott describes it this way…

“Muhammad Ali went to the Near Room, when he had been hit too hard in the ring. Through a half-open door he saw a room with orange and green neon lights, where alligators played trombone and snakes were screaming.”      from Anne Lamott’s  “Joe Jones”

I guess it was the snakes screaming part that really blew me away. What a writer.  And don’t miss her “Bird by Bird” about the writing life. It’s wonderful.

Image courtesy Google source: Life Archives

One response to “Anne Lamott writes like an Angel…

  1. Do you still have this book? Can I borrow it?

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