I’m not the girl he married, or life with a different type of Barbie Accessories..

Recently while staying at my sister Margaret’s place ( the other clubhouse!) I had some help transporting my equipment, and during the parade of tubes and machines and overnight bag, and geneology stuff I wanted to go over with her Marg helped us put all the stuff in her spare bedroom and at one point, as she passed my daughter Sue at the front door, Susan looked at Aunt Margie’s stunned face and said, “Barbie has some new accessories…” at which Marg howled.

I’ve traded in my pink “Malibu Barbie” convertible for an “Amigo” and I can’t even begin to describe the differences in my bedtime appearance. Let’s just say it’s like night and day. I’ve gone from Frederick’s of Hollywood to Fred’s Medical Supplies…between the oxygen hose and the wrist and hand splints and now the Cpap machine and the giant hose coming out of the mask, I’m looking more like I’m a giant Anteater or ready to be strapped into that space capsule and launched into outer space rather than just lay down for a nap. It’s become literally every man for himself in our room. 

And I think if there’s ever an emergency at night they’ll find me tangled up in the hoses and knocked out cold by the splints and probably say it was some crazed type of autoerotica…belive me it’s not. The part that just makes me laugh is at one time I wouldn’t even carry a purse…. now I’m a veritable parade. And I love a parade, I just never knew I had it in me!

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