The Book of Kate…

The Book of Kate by Sheila Follman

Spellacy Books

Copyright 2008  by Sheila Follman

Photo  Copyright 2008 Mary Spellacy Rodriquez & Kate Buskirk 

All rights reserved, no part of this book maybe reproduced or transmitted in any form , except in the case of brief reviews.

Illustrations by Sheila Follman

Spellacy Books, 590 Columbus Ave, Marblehead, Ohio 43440

I am so grateful that my sisters and my brother Bill still walk the face of the earth and give me such laughter and joy and courage.


I can remember being a 17-year-old girl and being grilled by my Mother and sisters in an early “Intervention”, before this particular form of torture for rotten kids was popular. I had come home in the wee hours after a night out and they all awaited me in the living room. Six of my eight sisters and my Mother. One by one they went at me and told me exactly what they thought of me. Except Kate.

 So one at a time I told them what I thought of their life choices. Except Kate.  See, with Katie, she wouldn’t cast that stone, so I told her truly how I felt about her , no anger clouding my feelings.  I told her that I could understand why  she was Mom and Dad’s favorite, hell she was everyone’s favorite. It left her in tears, I never saw that coming.

She sat there stunned, she really never knew. She had, and has never realized just how loved and precious she is to all of us. She’ll never get it. She’s just the essence of Good and Grace.

She is everyone’s favorite because she’s filled with more laughter,wit, intelligence and compassion than the rest of us combined. Every family should have a Kate. By the grace of God, we do. That’s the view of the world that I want to show here. The Kate View. Because we all look so much better in the light of Kate’s love.

One response to “The Book of Kate…

  1. This is one of my favorite writings. Ever. You do this beautifully.

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