Gypsies…in love with their lives and their children

Just goes to show you, kids don’t need the four walls as much as they need the love and smiles and acceptance for who they just are.  

TYP Gypsies D.L. Photos

Telling stories to the Grandbabies…

such a smile!

So loved!

friends who know who you are and love you.

Dad’s who are there.

Photographs courtesy of Google source: Life Archives

8 responses to “Gypsies…in love with their lives and their children


    The gypsies also were wonderful horemen as we know…look at this site (and there are many others) to see the rare breed they have developed…The”Gypsy Vanner”

    • Dear Pat,
      What an amazing sight those Vanner Horses, they do look like their flying! Simply beautiful. That must be part of the culture that recognition and encouragement of beauty found in nature. What an amazing people. And I knew what you meant!
      Sorry for being so late on the response been over to Warren to see my girl. Thanks for all the great comments and reading thekatebook. It gives me such encouragment.
      Thanks Pat,

  2. ooops I meant horsemen….not horemen!

    • You are too funny, just like me, flying fingers and thoughts. I always misspell things I care about. I just get too excited to get my point across. And thanks Pat for the heads up on that great site.


  3. Hey, I have always loved listening to stories from Katie about the fam and readingthem here on the blog…I think you should put the list of sayings by your dad on here…Katie showed it to me a long time ago. it was hysterical and wonderful at the dame time. Carry on Sheila. it is good stuff here.

  4. same not dame!

  5. same not dame! I am so careless!

  6. I love these pictures, and I followed the link on the horses – what really cool animals!

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