Life is good, and now you’re going to Nursing School…

Sometimes I wonder if life wasn’t a lot easier when the parents made all the decisions. Years ago my Mother and Dad had let my two sisters Margaret and Anne go their own way when it came to plans after high school. The both opted for College and attended Cuyahoga Community College for a year or so. Then Anne attended Fairview Beauty Academy and found a natural talent for making things look much better than they really were. To this day,  Anne has a gift of being able to spot and enhance beauty in any situation or person she’s ever come across… she’s phenomenal. Then there’s Marg, who always had a knack with the little ones, kids flock to her and I swear she has the best stories and most patience of any of us. But back then these two teenage beauties needed a little direction and career advice. They both found themselves engaged to be married during that same year (1970) and while I suppose Ma and Dad would have supported us indefinatly, I think Ma  drew the line at Sons-in-Law.  So one afternoon my Mother came into the living room and told those two girls stretched out on the couch and floor watching T.V. their future success was set.

Actually,  she handed them each a new pair of white nursing shoes and explained that the tuition was paid and their Nursing School started in 5 days.

Case closed.

Future employment assured.


 I just love my Ma. She took no prisoners in her quest to make sure we would always be able to take care of ourselves. Then again, I’m sure it was a question of survival of the fittest and she for sure wasn’t going to support our butts any longer than absolutely necessary (it was a question of numbers…there were 9 of us) . So off to nursing school they went and my sister that fainted at the sight of blood became the finest cardiac care nurse in the world and is currently a “nurse on call” and the other is an amazing neonatal nurse who specialty is bringing those premmie’s back kicking and screaming , keeping those littlest ones alive. Go figure, my Mother knew in her heart what these two were capable of, and boy, was she right. Now Marg and Anne claim they’ll probably die with those nursing shoes on…just like a cowboys spurs…they’ve earned them.   

 Nurses of Grace Hospital, Cleveland, O.

Ward A., Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio

Performing open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic

Nurse with young victim of East Ohio Gas Co. explosion

St. Ann's Infant Asylum, 3409 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, O.

Grace Hospital Pictures courtesy of Michael Schwartz Collection Cleveland State University great fun looking at old nursing pic’s!


One response to “Life is good, and now you’re going to Nursing School…

  1. All of you are amazing. Grandma would love what you are doing, especially with your writing. She loved to read and had an appreciation for honesty. That what this is. I know you hear all the time that you are your father’s daughter, but never doubt that you are your mother’s girl.

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