Little house on the Lakefront…

I get the best ideas talking to my David in the wee hours of the morning at our little round kitchen table. He quietly peruses his card game on the computer whilst I prattle on and on occasionally I’ll burble something that makes that Saint look up and laugh and laugh and then I know I have a winner. One I can list on

(this is Alexander(Sandy) Calder, the artist who did all those great mobiles that got peoples looking up finally and his patient wife Louise James grand-niece of author Henry James; Photo courtesy of Google source: Life Archives)

With Dave and I it’s usually between 4 and 8 am when we get together at this little table quietly with only the computer mouse clicking away and me editorializing softly so as not to wake the upstairs neighbors. It’s really so precious because the rest of the day we’re separated or too tired at the end to talk and share, so our best time is early. So unlike how we met.

We met at closing time around “last call” at a bar.  And our first few years together (it’s been 16 years) the best times were after the last call at 2:30 am. But you get older and last call comes earlier and earlier. Christ now we can’t make it past “Happy Hour”. And that’s just fine with me. Because I’d really rather spend the time in the wee hours with my delightful House Dobbie, Saint, Target, Best Friend, Hero and husband, David. My personal partner in this adventure called life. 

He is my Dearest Man…

One response to “Little house on the Lakefront…

  1. It makes me so happy that you found him. You really are so good for each other.

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