Robins at Goodwill…

Like a Robin, I visit Goodwill  and bring back things shiny and colorful. Things to feather my nest with.

Like children’s Pirate Ships and Soft Pink Blankets.

It’s my quest, I’ve passed the test and found some of the best.

In my love of Scavenger Hunts at Goodwill.

Photograph coutesy of Google source: Life Archives    Robin’s nest at the White House.

2 responses to “Robins at Goodwill…

  1. I remember some of our neatest little treasures came from Sisters’ when Cas and I were kids. 🙂

    • They had some amazing things at the “Treasure Cove” on Detroit. Remember shopping with Rita? I loved shopping there with you two when you were little. I love you.

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