Backing into God…

It seem the only time I remember God is when I’m truly heart broke. I can remember when my Mother died backing into my faith in God,  like a Mack Truck backing into a bridge abutment, and just about as gracefully.

It always amazes me the He, She…It is there. Just there probably chuckling knowing the amazement that will be on my face everytime I turn around and find myself here again.

I only come when I want something, When there’s nowhere else to turn and I’m backed into it, everytime. And everytime I’m so surprised.

Makes me think God would recognize my backside first. I rarely remember to say thanks for the sunset, the kids, the flowers, or the entire universe. And yet I never cease returning to ask for comfort and understanding. I just know in this crazy world it’s the only thing really really really there. The rest is illusion. Money, Time, Death, EVERYTHING that has a shelf life is unreal is temporary. Sometimes it takes a whole life to figure that one out.

2 responses to “Backing into God…

  1. I love this one. Like little kids, we take the credit for the good stuff, then turn to God only when something goes wrong. I have to remember to be more thankful.

  2. Just missing you and re-reading some of your older works. I love you, Mom.

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