To the Mattresses!!!!

It’s been an awfully tiring day so I’m off to the mattresses, like in “The Godfather” when all hell breaks loose, I do believe these wise guys really have the right idea. Of course I’m ready to go to the mattresses at any time. It’s genetic in our group. We do our best work in bed.

NO not that way.

We dream we sleep we imagine just how wonderful the world could be and it’s all very very wonderful. Dorothy used to say “There’s no place like home.”, well I can do her one better…there’s no lovelier spot that a warm pillow filled bed surrounded with newspapers and books both Churchill, Roosevelt and Twain did their best work in analyzing situations while sitting in bed. Me too.

Photographs courtesy Google source: Life Archive

2 responses to “To the Mattresses!!!!

  1. I am crying right now after reading “Depression is just another form of cancer”.

    Watching your family go thru the cancer that took John, then the shock of Ryan leaving us makes me think that we need to be kinder to each other and celebrate life everyday.

    • Dear Pat,
      Real life adventures are literally impossibly hard without family and friends. This life at times is just to tough and then there’s times we need to share also that are just so sweet, like the birth of our children. So maybe we’re meant to share both. Either way I love that you wrote, because you are one of those true friends who sees us through it all from wakes to weddings. Thanks


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