So I’m reading this magazine…

It’s one of those that your local hospital puts out now. I mean years ago all the local hospital put out was maybe a newsletter to the volunteers at Christmas time or perhaps a calender at the end of the year.

But it’s such big business now Hospital’s are now putting  out their own glossy magazine highlighting what are the newest and latest illness to be found and treatments they offer, always for some pricey ongoing condition like Diabetes or COPD or Heart problems. Something that’s sure to require the most expensive tests and/or routine care that they can help you with.  With the right insurance you can be the patient that keeps on ticking and keeps on giving. Anyway I’m reading along and at the very end there’s a recipe for “Chia Chili”.

 Wow, I have visions of Chia Pets from all the old commercials.

and sure enough…this Chili calls for a few tablespoons of the Chia seeds (available at specialty and or health food stores). I mean come on now I have visions of being voraciously hungry racing into my Niece’s dorm room snatching her Christmas present Chia off the widow ledge and devouring it before her poor unsuspecting eyes. And all I can hear is the jingle from the commercial… da, da, da, CHIA!

da, da, da, CHIA!

That poor kid and all because I had spent years pounding down the donuts before I realized I should eat healthy…so now, hide your Chia pets… I may come visiting. It just made me chuckle so. And It reminded me that somewhere out there

there’s a chia pet waiting to administer CPR  to my diet.

Go figure they even found out it’s good for your heart…

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