My new “No Fly List”.

Potatoes are going on it. I hate to do it, but those babies only appear three ways on my plate, mashed, fried or in a friendly salad with lots of Mayo and Miracle Whip. I can’t decide which to use so I just use them both and that seems to be knocking me out of the old stand up and walk routine. So the Potatoes will have to take to the road instead. Along with all my other little frinds. What does it say about me that I refer to food groups (bad ones) as my “little friends”?

Malley’s is on my personal “No Fly List”. I have way too much affection for all that confection. Chocolate covered Oreos, please, be still my heart, and it will be if I keep this behavior up. So down the road with the goodies, I just see them like a parade away from me…cakes, pies, bread, ice cream…OK, lets just say everything white and everything bread. Out!

Bye to Pie, I say!

Hmmm, I suspect I’m going to either need some serious drinking to stay happy without my doughnuts or perhaps I can just jolly myself along imagining how I’ll look…let’s see…

Oh, my.

Photographs courtesy of Google source: Life Archives

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