About Clubs

I was perusing the local paper and came across and ad for a local “Country/Sailing Club”. OK, in the world of “Clubs” I’m working at a loss. It just occurred to me this is probably called a “Yacht Club”. Anyway the ad said for $200 dollars a month they’d be happy to issue a temporary membership for three months If they like you and you like them they’ll apply the $600 at the end of the three months to your initiation fee. Amazing. Hell, If you send me $200 a month, I’ll Guarantee to like you right away.    

Actually, when it comes to Clubs, Id rather be home just sitting, than in a Club trying to impress people I don’t care about. And what would possess me to throw $200 dollars down the tube each month to stay in the good graces of a group of Professional people judges? I have enough trouble convincing the lady in the mirror she’s wonderful. More judges, I don’t need.

That’s what they are, ” PPJ’s”. Professional People Judges and that’s what they do to each other. I’m so advanced I can criticize myself, my own wardrobe, my own car choices etc. Actually I was a prodigy in the field of Sheila. Nothing so facinatin’ as yourself don’t ya know.

But maybe I’d pay that for a cheerleader ? Nah, now where are those Pom Poms?  

O.K., so cheering wasn’t our specialty. 

Made ya smile! Have a good one.

Photographs courtesy of Google source: Life Archives

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