Beautiful dreams of rare things, the Lakeside Daisy and a Public Library here on the Marblehead Peninsula…

So we are trying to start a public library out near by where I live on the Marblehead Peninsula of Ohio. And in order to do that I had joined in a local area effort called the “Lakeside Daisy Day”, it’s a  local festival out here that celebrates a Wildflower that only is known to grow here and in a place in Michigan from the tough scrabbly limestone stone areas. It looks like this…

and blooms out into these pockets of Yellow that look as if a painter had spilled pots of bright yellow all throughout the old gray quarry areas. Its simply beautiful around here for about a week or two in the early spring…So in order to knit a little support to gether for  this library idea I joined the committee that year for this local festival. And was chosen to facilitate the usage of two buses from our local High School for Quarry Tours and a shuttle bus to facilitate Johnson Island tours and I ended up driving over to the Johnson Island Confederate Prisionor of War Cemetary that is the only thing left on the Island from a Prisonor of War camp that was there during the Civil War for Confederate Officers.

and eventually we opened a bookstore called “Ex Libris” with a lending room attached. We’re still in pursuit of a whole library but so far we have one room in the building that functions as a lending library. And now it’s nice to have a lending library aroud the corner and in the spring I still can see that crazy daisy I drew on the signs about the area. So I think, I  ( and a whole lot of volunteers and other committee members) made a difference here. But every time I see this little daisy I smile. Now there are two things out here I can see with my own eyes that I made a difference in, those pictures of the rarest Daisy, and a tiny seed of a Public Library. I am so proud.

A special thanks to Bumbera Design, Jeff and Lisa for strength and perserverance of finding things getting the job done  without support like theirs our Public Libraries wouldn’t exist. they are wonderful.

Any ideas or donations of books/funds for the Library can be sent to

The Marblehead-Peninsula Library Committee

P.O. Box 74

Marblehead, Ohio   43440

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