Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending…

JIm Henson, what a guy.

That’s Jim’s quote to open this piece. Here’s a few others from this amazing soul…

My hope is to leave the world a little bit better than when I got here.

The most sophisticated people I know, inside they’re all children.

An extraordinary soul who understood just how under all the felt and strings or wires that make up a puppet or a man we’re all alike in our need to laugh and to love and to imagine. Sometimes a person’s light is just to bright for their own lifespan and I think Jim Henson was one of those fellows whose light will keep lighting smiles on the faces of both adults and children for generations to come. How blessed are we that he was ever here.

And about that wonderful relationship with Frank Oz that was the heart of so many “Bert and Ernie” sketches…Caroly Wilcox said

 “Watching Jim’s Ernie teasing Frank Oz’s Bert and driving him to distraction was to witness unadulterated glee!”

And what they accomplished between Frank Oz’s Miss Piggy and Jim’s straight man Kermit is the stuff of legend. These two are the real thing, genius in action, friends in sync. And their friendship a blessing to us all.

Photographs courtesy of Google source : Life Archives

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