The Finest Hotels er…Hospital in the world…

 I recently was  doing  some research for a book that included looking at images of a Hospital out-of-state. So I merrily typed in the name of the place in Tennessee (I’m in Ohio) to get a look at what the place looked like so I could draw it into the book and I was astounded that the Information desk looked just like the finest Hotel lobby in Europe. I shouldn’t have been amazed, it reminded me of the posh upscale lobby of the Cleveland Clinic Pyramid Building. All marble and Persian rugs, glass and fantastic art as far as the cavernous space allowed. No worries about heating bills there. And why should they with the bills they charge? If I had a product that caused life or death and could sell it at any price I pleased I’d say damn the heating bills full steam ahead also , I mean you have the customers by the short and curlies, where the hell else are they going to go?

And then I remembered, years ago when this onslaught of $$$$$ first hit the hospitals. When the Businessmen/Insurance guys first got their grubby little fingers into the Hospital Books and Businesses and all hell broke loose. In the end they managed to oust the Nuns and Doctors using both Greed and Prejudice as their guide saying “the Doctors’ act as if their Gods” and the Nuns lost control through sheer numbers, by the hate of Doctors imperious attitudes and finally the Nuns lack of bodies to stay in the game, the game went to the Businessmen (read Pirates) and the hospitals went out of the business of 1st protecting your health altogether. That businessman (pirate) does not take an oath to first do no harm. And I can assure you the Insurance types don’t have your best interest at heart either. You’re just a number to them big or small (depending on your disease and health coverage) you are just incidental to their making big business on your bones.

My mother who loved her work was a nurse years ago. She went into it for the love of it. Nurses then made damn near slave wages. And I can remember my Mommy coming home saying don’t touch me , and going right into the basement stripping in front of the washer and taking a shower and then coming back upstairs freshly showered swathed in a clean cotton robe and sitting down and finally catching her breath talking about how thoroughly disgusted she was with all the remodeling ( carpets, upholstered furniture things that catch and hold dirt read:germs) turning her clean and chance at being sterile hospital into a hotel lobby. Flocked and textured grasscloth wallpapers in Public walkways. She also described in detail what a “Sterile Field” was. It was one of the first things you learned (at that time) at Lakewood School of Nursing. To be a Nurse you had to work in a “Sterile Field”. This was PRIMARY. No Germs, only things you can wash in the hospital waiting rooms. 1st do no harm! It’s actually in the Oath medical personnel take upon graduation. The Hippocratic Oath, look it up. 1st do no harm.

 I can remember her explaining about hand washing from the time I was on a potty just how important hand washing was and is. How basic. Now think of it…when was the last time you saw your Doctor, Nurse, Aide…Physicain’s assistant wash their hands in front of you. I know they all have those handy-dandy hand washing stations all over the place and sinks in every room but when was the last time a Doctor or nurse or anybody had to dry their hands before they put their hands on YOU? 

Start to demand at least that bottom level of care. You have to SEE them wash their hands. You wouldn’t let your kids play in a medical waste facility why would you ever turn yourself over to them. Question their cleanliness. It’s your life in their hands, at least make sure their hands are clean, they can make enough errors with their brains alone, trust me.  

There’s a reason all those old Nuns and Doctors (Lister included!) insisted on linoleum or tile on every hospital floor. Walls painted with an Oil base paint that could be routinely scrubbed or hosed down. In fact if you think of it, you could have hosed down the  old hospital starting on the roof all the way through the Doctors Offices, Even the administrators office had a duty first of all to be immaculate.   

Anyway let me leave you with this last thought…If you had a brain problem how would you take it if they took you to this building to get fixed?

One ding-a-ling walking another ding-a-ling through the backfield of their crazed idea of a building fit for helping people with spatial problems. Go figure. Even I know this ain’t right.

And I’m sure more than a few taxpayer dollars went into this beauty, I’d just love to see how much. Sweat on paying public customers. The  big “legends in their own minds” guys think this is a Great Idea. By God, is there nobody to tell these Emperors they’re NAKED in their ignorance and arrogance.

Photographs courtesy of Google source: Life Archives


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