Philosophy about parking, and the truth about Ice Cream…

“When Solomon said there was a time and a place for everything he had not encountered the problem of parking his automobile. ”   Bob Edwards

Vast parking lot used for the 1937 Cleveland National Air Races

1937 Cleveland Air Races Parking Lot…yipes over 60,000 in attendance and looks like each with their own car.

“I don’t believe in angels, no. But I do have a wee parking angel. It’s on my dashboard and you wind it up. It flaps it wings and it’s supposed to give you a parking space. It’s worked so far.”     Billy Connolly

“Those who cannot remember the past will spend a whole lot of time looking for their cars in Mall parking lots.”      Jay Trachman

Cedar-Lee parking lot after resurfacing and relighting (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

Adam Clymer, American Journalist; on Politicians…”If they all love you, you might as well be driving a Good Humor Truck.”

Ice wagon treats, 1930

Ok, now I’ve just found the mother lode of great Ice and Ice cream pic’s so here they come.

This one above is under under Ice cream, the next couple are from Google source : Life






Hope you’re smiling!   The truth about Ice Cream? I believe with enough of it we could achieve world peace.

Photographs courtesy of Google source: Life

photographs courtesy of Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Collection

6 responses to “Philosophy about parking, and the truth about Ice Cream…

  1. Great choice in photographs. Parking is something I’ve heard a lot of discussion on as a planner, but nothing that’s ever really interested me… I live in Columbus, Ohio and there is currently talk about placing meters in all parking places downtown. No more on street parking.

    • I sure hope they don’t put those meters in. It so discourages people from even thinking about a trip downtown instead of the mall. It almost encourages them to stay out of downtown. Too bad. Thanks for the response.


  2. Unfortunately most of the shopping in the downtown has died due to choices by the city to help finance the development of outdoor style malls… Those malls have been really successful but killed all downtown. And in a big city no less.

    • So maybe… the answer is not in fostering corporate residency as much as citizen residency in urban area’s. Forget the tax breaks and give aways to businesses and focus on giving it away to the people who will live there and hopefully take care of it. Kind of like “Field of Dreams” but like neighborhood of dreams…rebuild community centers and clubs and safety networks, public daycares etc.

      What could they do to turn it around, seriously.? Is that even remotely possible? Are there towns that have managed to bring their populations back big time to the inner city and make that the place to be? Any major cities?

  3. City Planning is definitely not a science (though it can use science to great effect). It’s more like performance art, and all cities have to be approached differently. For downtown Columbus, there are still a wide variety of jobs such as at the many banks, medical centers, the state offices and departments, and Nationwide (among many many others).

    Because of the car, suburbs are so viable, and Columbus public policy has been terrible at making sprawl development come along with incentives, but I think they’re starting to change this. We’re getting a lot more investment downtown. Tons of huge development projects right now (housing and otherwise).

    I guess it just depends on the city though. Columbus has several unique assets that make it easier for the city (Ohio State University, Nationwide, state capital). If you look at another Ohio city, Youngstown, you see a city that has realized it cannot be what it once was and has begun to pioneer smart shrinking, which I think big cities will see a lot of.

    Sorry I went into so much detail, but I’m pretty passionate about the subject.

    • Not at all thanks for the explanation. Here’s hoping all Urban area eventually get back on track. I did notice in some research I did on another project though that the only cities and towns in Ohio that consistently saw growth on the Census , regardless of Economics were the College towns. The College economy seems to act as a financial shield. Thanks for the comments.

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