Depression is just another form of Cancer…

On the road this morning, on the way to the library for a refill of that big blue trusty old plastic basket that the library lets me tote those books home in I had my profound thought of the day. Sometimes I think the universe gives you “One a day”, like a vitamin whether your paying attention or not…here it comes, head’s up. And by the time your older, after sometimes being seriously beaned with a few of these thoughts like a baseball clocking you in the head,  you learn its true and perhaps you shouldn’t be trusted with it alone so you write it down. Or at least I do anymore. Because there is no way with my flibbergibbit mind that I’m going to remember this idea unless I write it down. So I write it here because this is either going to act as a really big butterfly net or at least I’ll get some of my serious thoughts across.

 Because we all know, I’m not going to remember them later. It’s like a trail of breadcrumbs to find my way back through this life, these thoughts really make sense of the insensible, at least to me. Make it simple.  And I’m sure everybody has these thought most of you guys don’t have to write them to remember them. I do. My table called my brain is filled to brimming over with ideas and thoughts and unless it’s in here it’s pretty much gone by the wayside.  Anyway this was an important idea at least to me, at least I think it was. Every once in a while I think something that’s so right that even I am surprised at how right it fits. This one is kind of a sad right but it doesn’t make it any less true or profound. Sometimes “sad right” just makes it all the more important.

“Depression is just another form of Cancer.”

I was thinking about my nephews Ryan and Johnny who I miss like the sun kisses the earth or the wind caresses your shoulders like how you breath without thinking. Or drive to the library, It’s just there. Always. And I got to thinking how Cancer came back again and again and took our Johnny and with Rye it was just a Cancer of a different sort…that Depression can eat you up too, just the same as Cancer a little at a time. Depression is just another form of a Cancer… and I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow or 10 years down the road they determine that it starts just like cancer does with exposure to a virus the sets something chemical off too. 

“Depression is just another form of Cancer.”

 And should be treated with as much fear, respect and determination to deliver people from it’s evil as we do with Cancer. It’s just as insidious and less talked about, but just as dangerous.

“Depression is just another form of Cancer.”

Sometimes if I say something often enough I actually begin to understand all the links between, them. It’s my way to understand the idea.

I was thinking how each of those boys fought so so hard to win the battle, and how that battle was part of their lives,  part of their journey, the coming and going of it. And they both loved and lived and did everything they could.  They did win. They left (  here in this time and dimension) hundreds of people who still love and think daily of them with each kiss of sunlight and every caress of wind feel the soft embrace and encouragement from those amazing souls. Our Johnny and Ry,  fine young Men. 


One response to “Depression is just another form of Cancer…

  1. They really were (and are) fine young men. They did not leave us empty-handed. Lots of good memories, funny stories, and wonderful thoughts of those two.

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