So the husband comes in…

Now mind you this soul had worked all day in a lumberyard…so he stopped after work and bought a box fan because I said I’d like to pick one up. But instead of me taking the Oxygen Tank on the road this sweet soul (mind you his back is out, we’re quite the pair of twisted sisters no wait that would be incest?) anyway…mind you this great soul picks up this fan for 18 bucks at the local store and comes home and opens the box and its in pieces. But he insists on getting together before he’ll settle down for the day. Because he knows it makes me so much more comfortable. You know it took me ten years of trailing this guy to catch him and it was worth every moment. I love him, and by now doing the things he does to help, I realize I am so so loved. And so is he, you know…Ditto.

That “Dearest Man”,  David and baby Girl Amanda Joy, at another Lucky time in his life. I just love this picture.

One response to “So the husband comes in…

  1. This is such a sweet picture of a girl and her dad. I just love her in all her ruffles and little white purse and him in his flannel. It’s such a cute picture.

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