Adventures of a Night Desk Clerk…

One night working as a night dest clerk at our local  “Shady Acres” hotel there was a rather large contingent of a feuding family here to attend the funeral of the Patriarch when all hell broke loose. People were just beginning to get in, tired and with screaming babies in tow. It was just after 11 pm when things came to a head.

There were about 5 different branches of this thorny family tree headed to different rooms when suddenly in from the back parking lot door comes a Pizza delivery guy saying, “Lady, you’ve got horses in your back parking lot…it’s like Dodge’em out there!

Now I’m many things, but horse wrangler definitely wasn’t in this job description. 

And look, to be honest with you I was barely keeping these Hatfield’s &  McCoys from clocking each other, and just keeping them streaming to their separate rooms so with this announcement of Horses in the Parking lot, I thought I was going to see “World’s Collide”.

What I saw amazed me, these families,  without even conferring with each other went out into that back parking lot and managed to corral that horse ( it was only one) and place it back in its pen that adjoined the parking lot and secure the gate. Turns out that was the Patriarch’s Farm next door and that was his horse that wandered into our lot.

So I’ll say one thing about this dead Patricarch…he raised some pretty single-minded people who know when to put their differences aside and just get the job done. 


,sometimes, when you think the pressures are going to bring out the worst in People…it brings out the best.

He must of been quite a guy this Farmer…to keep these kids behaving long distance, he raised them right. 

Things that make you go hmmm. 

Photographs courtesy of Google source: Life

2 responses to “Adventures of a Night Desk Clerk…

  1. Sheila It’s me. Great story !!!!!!! Love ya margaret

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