Cleveland 1914-1970 Neat old road and Construction Photographs…

Fitch road

Fitch Road

Franklin Blvd

Franklin Boulevard

Cleveland’s Lakefront Shoreway & Municipal Stadium East Shoreway built on Landfill, Pianos and all.

Lakefront - Cleveland

Lee Rd. 1934

Lee Road

Lorain & West 150th Underpass

Lorain Avenue/W. 150th St. Underpass

Lorain Avenue Bridge over Rocky River 1935

Lorain Road Bridge #42Lorain Road Bridge #42

Lorain Road Bridge #42Lorain Road Bridge #42

Lorain Road Bridge #42

Main Avenue Bridge 1939

Main Avenue Bridge

1940 Unfinished “East 9th street exit” from Cleveland Shoreway from top of Municipal Stadium

Main Avenue Bridge

Main Avenue in the Flats with the pylons of the Main Avenue Bridge that would forever put the Old Neighborhood in the shade. Columbus intersects with Main Avenue in the Flats.

Main Avenue Bridge  Main Avenue Bridge Construction

Superior Viaduct

Old Superior ViaductOld Superior Viaduct

I think this shot is looking North over Superior Viaduct over the “Old Angle” Irish neighborhood to the north and the Lake

Superior Viaduct

Old Superior Viaduct

Royalton Road

Royalton Road

Streetcar exiting Detroit-Superior Veteran’s Bridge subway level onto Superior Ave Downtown Cleveland


Photographs courtesy of Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Collection, Cuyahoga County Engineers Collection at visit them and enjoy looking around.

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