Each day is a gift…

 I recently read a wonderful book called “God Never Blinks” by a terrific columnist named Regina Brett. My sister Kate had told me about how wonderful it was and it was. But then I ran into this photo and it put me in mind of a column that she (Regina Brett) did on how if you had to put your troubles into a big pile in the center of the room with everyone else’s how you’d grab for your own because compared to others they don’t look so bad. I just wonder what happened to this family. They had a little grocery store when this was written by Life all those years ago and the Mom had been stricken with Polio. I’ll have to see if I can find out how it all came out. By the looks of that smiling Mom in the mirror on her Machine it may have been ok. I look and let you know what I find. These pictures are all courtesy of Google source: Life Archives.

The 1st picture is Mrs. Jean Ryan of Dundee, Ill who developed polio in 1952. I found these photographs in Life Archives looking for photo’s of “hands” for the piece I wrote above. But I am captivated by this piece on the Ryan Family, William (Bill) Ryan who ran this Cheese store and his wife Mrs. Jean (Nee Lathrop) Ryan, their kids Gayl Ryan, Rae Ryan and Billy Ryan. 

Life put this story in their September 6, 1952 issue. The second picture is Mrs. Ryan’s kids pulling their Dad Bill Ryan every which way. And the last is of the Dad, Bill working in their Cheese Store in Dundee, Illinois. I’ll see what I can find out about the family and update this as soon as I can. Or if any of you know or knew Mrs. Jean ( Lathrop) Ryan or her husband Bill Ryan or whatever happened with the wonderful kids I’d love to update this post. Thanks. And thank you to Life Magazine and Google Images for making the Life archive available online.

4 responses to “Each day is a gift…

  1. Such a story, I’d love to know more about them too.

  2. I know my wife Rae would love to hear from you. 602-300-3095

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