Balto the wonder dog…

Betty Ann and Shirley Quackenbush with Balto

This is a picture of the Hero of the Alaskan Epidemic, the famous trail dog and leader of the team which carried the antitoxin serum the last lap of the race from Nenana to Nome. He is shown here with Betty Ann and Shirley Gene Quackenbush in Seattle. During the Winter of 1925 there was diphtheria in Nome, Alaska and ice had closed the city’s port from help and serum from the outside world. There wasn’t enough for all the residents. So more serum was rushed by train as far as Nenana and then carried by 20 different Mushers and their teams of sled dogs the remaining 674 miles. Balto led the last leg of the trail and went on to deliver the serum in just under 5 and 1/2 days.

Years later, I can remember my Dad telling me about a wonderful detailed tour he received of the Cleveland Natural History Museum and being so amazed to find they actually had Balto there stuffed and ready to still be admired for helping the people of Alaska from the Epidemic…


What bought this all up is I had read a quote about “Dogs have owners, cats have staff” and I laughed at the truth of it. But after going searching for a photo of a dog to accompany that thought I’m awful glad that Dogs are Dogs and Cats are Cats and they both fit rather wonderfully into our lives. When you need action you want a Dog, when you need a disinterested party you want a cat. They truly couldn’t care less. No pressure. I guess it all depends on what you like. Do you prefer to be ignored? Or do you bask in the attention of being needed? Both are good, at different times. 

With Cats you get the impression of each totally separate from each other each their own entity. Not so with Dogs, they always look like their on a Party line sharing the latest jokes and gossip.

See what I mean? Have a great day you guys…

Photo’s courtesy of  Cleveland State University ; Michael Schwartz Library Special Collection and

Google source: Life Archives

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