Grandma Myrtle DuBois Dougherty…

1st, to any and all my cousins or siblings that can contribute a story or memory of this wonderful soul, please do. All you have to do is sign  up to this and your comments become part of this article listed under comments or if you want me to put them in the body of the article I will. You have far more memories of this fantastic lady, let’s let our kids and grandkids know just how great she really was. Myrtle DuBois Dougherty what a lady…    

There’s a name that belongs to a Titan, she was an amazing soul. She was the daughter of Urena (aka Irene, Renee, Raney, Rene…depends on the Census year)  Ticknor DuBois Babcock. Her mother had met her father (Reuben DuBois) in a Lumber Camp in Michigan where she worked as a cook. Sometime after she had Myrtle (I don’t know if Myrtle’s sister Alta had the same Dad) she went to work for and attorney who handled her divorce from Reuben DuBois.    


These pictures show my Great Grandmother, Myrtle Adell DuBois Dougherty throughout the years. The first show her on the left and her mother Urena Tickner DuBois Babcock (who is listed in the 1930 census as “Raney Babcock”, she didn’t like or go by her name Urena ) and her sister Alta DuBois McBean Aickins. The second picture is just Myrtle and her sister Alta. Then Myrtle in her 20’s , then Myrtle with her grandson Harry Brown, then Myrtle about 30, then another just beautiful in Black, then years later with her ex-husband Harry (Doc) Dougherty about the time he was the “little winemaker”. And  finally wrapped in fluffy chiffon and looking pretty delicate for a woman who could handle a teamster in a fight and still win. There’s something pretty steadfast about that piercing look she gives in most of these photos. She was not a soul to be trifled with. She had been born in 1878 in Pennsylvania to a girl just turned 20.    

When Myrtle was 12 she joined the Walter Main Circus and when she was 13 she was back home with my Great Grandmother Urena Ticknor DuBois Babcock and had a little baby girl, my grandmother Nell (Winifred) Doughterty. She then went on to do any kind of work from Housecleaning to harvesting crops to pay the bills. I can remember hearing stories about how she loved baseball and would go up to Cleveland to watch games.  I can remember being told that she just loved wrestling, and one of her favorites was “Gorgeous George”.

She would eventually become very close friends with her former employer and fellow In-Law, Ella Brown. Grandma Ella Brown owned the farm that Myrtle worked at and eventually their two kids fell in love and ran away and got married. Myrtle had Little Nell (Winifred) and Ella had one boy named Ed. They were just two years apart he being born in 1891 and she in 1893. Anyway Ella’s heir apparent ran away with the cleaning lady’s girl and got married. Now my Mother was their youngest daughter…she was born in 1921 and she was their last child together and from what I’ve been told Grandma Nell ran away from the farm and left her children there when my Mother was about 3 years old. About the time this picture was taken.


Their kids were Anna born in 1912,  Harry Brown born in 1913, Jack Brown born in 1916 and last my Mom born in 1921

Anyway back to her mother Myrt…Her lifetime and the American timeline ran like this..

1879   Myrtle born in small Pennsylvania town, 1st Electric Light in Cleveland Public Square, also John D. Rockefeller founds Standard Oil Company in Cleveland.

1881    Sitting Bull surrenders to Federal Troops

1889   Johnstown Flood . May 31, 1889 The flood will leave her future husband an orphan.

1893   Myrtle gives birth to a little girl Winifred (Nell) Dougherty.

1898   Myrtle is 19 years old when the Spanish-American War begins.

1900  Myrtle is 21 years old when the new century comes.

1903  Wright Bros. first powered Air flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C.  Myrtle is 34 before the 1st plane

1913  Myrtle’s daughter gives birth to a baby girl, Virginia Marcelle Brown. Our wonderful Aunt Ann,  who’s children will be stunned 70 years later to find that name on the birth certificate

1914   Myrtle is 35 years old as World War 1 begins

1918   Influenza Epidemic kills 25-35 million. A Medical Holocaust

1920   Women get right to vote. Myrtle is 41 before she can vote.

1927  Charles Lindberg lands in Paris.

1929   Great Depression begins Myrtle is 50 years old

1931   Empire State Building opens

1933   Franklin Delano Roosevelt takes office for the 1st of 3- 4 years terms

1935   Social Security becomes Law

1937   Amelia Earhart disappears

1941   December 7th “A day that will live in infamy” WW2 Begins with Pearl Harbor Attack by Japanese.

1944   D-Day the beginning of the end of WW2

1945   FDR and her Mother Urena Babcock die this year. Myrtle is 66 when WW2 ends, May 7 in Europe and Sept. 2nd in Japan.

1950   Korea

1960   Kennedy elected

1963   Kennedy assassinated and Myrtle DuBois Dougherty dies at 84 years old and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Geneva Ohio.


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  1. bleSheila GENETICS WHAT A GAMBLE !!!!!!!!

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