precious opinions…not!


Don’t follow the herd…  

Years ago I left a safe and secure job that I loathed (working as a clerk in a county agency). Then again, I don’t know that any job is ever really safe and secure perhaps that’s one of the reasons I left, I was unsure about my job performance and always worried terribly about being laid off or fired. I decided to sell my house and came into more money than I had ever had in my life. It was only just short of 20,000.00 but to me it was a fortune. I was at work complaining to the silliest girl in the unit about how I just hated my job and she said “Well quit,  you can you know.” Just goes to show you that old theory of the ” A broken Clock is right twice a day” is true. And  for once she was perfectly right. The veritable stars were aligned. I had in my hands enough money to support myself for at least a year’s sabbatical. So I quit. And while I thought at the time my family would think I was totally nuts, I didn’t care. Once again I had to either change my life or leave it. I had to change my life. My point is this, never be afraid of your own family’s good opinion. Odds are that if you think that poorly of them you don’t really know them anyway. It turned out my family for some reason thought I was brave and strong and brilliant (at least that’s what they told me) not crazed and on my last ride. Because of their emotional support after these changes, I was able to stay out of the “office” rat-race long enough to start writing and caring for Autistic kids and have found that’s the something I just love to do. I guess just by doing what you really want to and having the luxury of time to figure what that really is …really removes some of the obstacles we throw in front of ourselves daily with the doubt, concerns and dirty dishes. Bills were never a concern, I’d always been poor. If I could pay the rent and utilities and a little food that’s enough. The point is when you do what you love the dishes can wait, and the hell with the doubts…even Christ had doubts. Just keep on keeping on.  There’s the difference and there’s how to know if it’s right. If you can’t bear to stop that activity long enough to do the dishes or sweep up your mess your on the right track or you’re a pig. Hopefully you’re on the right track. Just what you need advice from a girl nicknamed “Oinkis”.   

 So I found out,  that when I sit down to write or  jump out of bed suddenly to put something on paper it’s because the World either instantaneously makes sense or is terrifically funny and in one sentence it’s a lovely feeling.  And it makes me feel even better to put it down on paper. And according to over 10,000 of you…you don’t mind laughing or crying with me either. Thanks.  

So keep in mind the only opinion that’s precious in your life is your OWN.  

Photgraph Google source: Life Archives

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  1. Good advice.

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