How lucky am I…


That these two would meet at East High School in Cleveland and run away and get married.

  Dad always said he stole half her sandwich to get her attention at first. Just kind of ran up to her at her lunch table and grabbed half of her sandwich and ran away. I’d have been impressed. 

But  Mom said she thought he and his buddies were a little wild and stuck up (jocks football team). Dad said her parents tried to break them up by moving her back home to Ashtabula County. So he’d take the bus every weekend from Cleveland all the way out to Geneva and visit her. That was one long bumpy bus ride 50 miles on bad roads in 1937 (?) each way. But there was no stopping this Irish Catholic Boy that had fallen head over heels for this strong-minded little Methodist Protestant girl. He would go on to be offered a football scholarship at John Marshall College, a free ride to a good future but they couldn’t wait to be together so 2 weeks before Mommy was to graduate High School and during his 2nd year at John Marshall, they had a friend drive them down to Covington Kentucky, on the way they had 3 flat tires and I can remember asking Dad what would they have done if there had been a fourth? He said ” We’ll never know.”

 Anyway they got married and there were nine of us kids that got really great parents. He must have been watching her for some time because I can remember him teasing her about her old boyfriend, the Captain of the Hockey Team. I can still see him trying to sneak up on her (at 230 pounds!) on those little bill cat feet…trying to surprise her with some new toy or candy he had bought her. It was like watching a cartoon in action… She’d be sitting there at the command post reading away, and look up over her glasses but still down her nose and say “What?!, What is it!!” And he like a little boy would show her the wonderful Pimento Cream cheese he found for her at the West Side Market or the giant cork red “Stop” street sign from Uncle Bill’s for her little command post. What ever the latest treasure he’d found that he thought would interest her. He just adored her, and loved teasing her and making her smile and laugh. They were wonderful parents and truly lucky people as are all their children. They made it look so simple. Just love each other and try to make each other laugh a little everyday. That’s love.

2 responses to “How lucky am I…

  1. It’s wonderful to think of Grandpa adoring Grandma that way. I just love that.

    • I can still see him there…just waiting to get her attention, he just adored her. Thanks for all your comments my Sue. I love you.

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