“Filled with Grace”, Holy Mary and the celebration of Easter…

Ukrainian Easter egg, January 1979

Recently what I remembered about Easter,  is the joy of Spring and starting the cycle of life all over again.

 Showing me in a way I can understand that not much we can do to this old world really ever alters it. But that life and death remain just a mystery.

 I keep thinking about the prayer “Hail Mary”…that “full of grace” plea that’s been repeated millions time by millions of women in need of a compassionate &  understanding ear.

 Finding Mary there just waiting to lighten the load by sharing it with laughter, compassion. Understanding our grief at the loss of our daughters and sons and the memories of  joy with our children. Even she felt a failure staring up at her boy dying before her eyes. If ever was a soul who got and understood the loss of a child it was her. She did. What a life she led. Such light she has still to share, you just have to ask. Always and forever…and that’s what Easter is all about, the cycle of life and death is just that, only a cycle. Only an illusion, but our love and theirs is forever. Amen.   

Ukrainian Easter eggs, January 1979

Photographs courtesy of Cleveland State University Michael Schwartz Library Press Collection www.clevelandmemory.org

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