Views of The Franklin K. Knapp/Brown Farm in Harpersfield, Ohio over the years…

This farm was originally purchased in a few pieces and cobbled together by my Great Great Grandfather Franklin Kasson Knapp. Frank was a miner 49’er who made his money in the California Gold Rush. From what my cousin Dan tells me he also made a return trip. So this amazing guy survived two trips to California.   His father was Philander Knapp who was also the local postmaster in Geneva and Harpersfield Ohio for awhile. First the Farmhouse built by Franklin Knapp and a hired carpenter. 

 Thank You to my amazing and talented cousins; Sue Rauckhorst Tucker for her knowledge and hard work in preserving and cataloging these wonderful pictures and Dan Rauckhorst in sharing details of Family History.  Any and all corrections or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Without your encouragement, faith and hard work none of this is possible!  Sheila Follman

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